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I am so happy to share with you this amazing time that I lived through in Barcelona with an amazing team.

I very proud to have the opportunity to make this story with people affected who are still looking for their families, because if I decided to write it is for all of them. Thank you Mari Cruz, Isabel, Montse...

As is still a difficult subject to talk in Spain, I am certain of one thing - that everything is possible when you decide to work hard and especially never to forget what you wish to create and the way you wish to create it. Thank to everybody who joined us in this project and helped to get it made.


Without you, you, and you...nothing would have been possible. I am sincerely touched to say "We did it after two long years, it is difficult to believe". 


Please take this message as if I am addressing each one of you personally to say I sincerely Thank You.


I promise all of you, partners in this film,  we will do our best to promote ¡ NO NOS CALLARÁN ! in the best way that we can throught INSIDE US FILMS ( and EVERYTHING INSIDE US (


A special thank to Sylvain Gauthier, our associate producer who believe in me and support our project. 

Thank you to Vicky Peña for her support and to all our amazing actores  Itziar Castro, Gaëlle Danno-Billaut, Silvía Aranda, Philippe Cariou, Carles Francino, Nuría Solé, Marta Cacéres and all of them. 

Thank you to our special guest La Chana, flamenco dancer who is also our voice over in the film. 

Next step, the festival selections and hopefully we will received some awards. The best is yet to come. THANK YOU SO MUCH.


Sophie Venecia Reyes




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